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Data Protection Policy

The company IHR Techmark Kft. – henceforth: Data Processor – has enforced her own regulations on data protection in compliance with
  • the European order 2016/679/EU (April 27, 2016) on the protection and free flow of personal data of natural persons, and

  • the statute CXII/2011 by the Hungarian Parliament on the right of information autonomy and free flow of information.
All personal information provided to the Data Processor will be treated with utmost care, according to the internal regulations of the Data Processor documented in Hungarian language in „Rules of and Information on Data Protection” taking effect from May 24, 2018. On request, the relevant main provisions of this document can be provided in Hungarian language.

Basic provisions of our Rules are:
  • All personal information and data are handled by the Data Processor in view of legal regulations in force and meeting any ethical standards.

  • The necessary technical and organizational measures are observed and taken by the Data Processor to ensure adequate and safe data processing at all times.
In our web site (www.ihrtechmark.hu) personal data are not and will not be processed by the Data Processor.

Core information, Data Processor:
  • Company denomination: IHR Techmark Kft. (EN: IHR Techmark Co. Ltd.)
  • Company registry No.: 13-09-082820 (registered with the Companies Registry at the Budapest Region Law Court on July 14, 1999)
  • European tax No.: HU11881010
  • Company seat: Tersztyánszky utca 89, H-2083 Solymár, Hungary
  • Branch office: International Industry Park, Gesztenyefa u. 4, H-9027 Győr, Hungary

IHR Techmark Kft.